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Cyclopamine Tartrate Salt

Cyclopamine Tartrate Salt (Hydroxy Carboxylic Acid) is a white crystaline compound that has been filed for a provisional patent by LNP on 2/10/2008.

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  • Less toxic water-soluble analog of Cyclopamine.
  • Contains potent HedgeHog (HH) signaling inhibitors.
  • Particularly useful in treating cancers associated with HH signaling.
  • Compound and uses thereof disclosed through US Patent, which provide compositions and methods for modulating smoothened-dependent pathway activation.4,5.

Chemical Structure of Cyclopamine Tartrate Salt
Cyclopamine Tartrate Salt

Solubility and Stability

2 mg of Cyclopamine Tartrate Salt is soluble by stirring in 1 ml of deionized water (at room temperature). The solubility will increase to about 5 mg Cyclopamine Tartrate per 1 ml of deionized water when 1.5 mg tartaric acid is added to the solution at room temperature (increasing the temperature will increase the solubility). In each case the solution must be well stirred. LC-MS Analyses indicate that the aqueous solution of Cyclopamine Tartrate is stable for at least one week at room temperature. Pharmasolve ( N-Methyl -2-Pyrrolidone ), cGMP grade will increase its solubility to 1.0 % by weight in deionized water. This solution is stable for at least one week.

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